Submission South Beach welcomes you to the whacky world of the Bizarre, Freakish, Strange & Most Outlandish event known as “TWISTED CIRCUS”. This is one of our most creative & vibrant themed events of the year. The Submission team will have plenty of devices to shock & awe you and at the very least you’ll leave visually stimulated.

Music By:
Danny Bled.
Ray Milian.
Dëëjaŷ Ninebreåker.

Hosted By:
Robert Frost.

Go- Go Dancers:
Carla X Infekt.
Crimson Rose.
Isobel Devi
Loki Lux.

Dress Attire:
Sideshow Freaks.
Circus Animals.
Sexy/Evil Clowns.
Fetish Attire.

Photography By:
Ricardo Reyes.
Mig Rodz.
Marcelo Salup.

Dungeon By:
LeatherLee Manning.
Adam Angel.

2-4-1 Drinks 11-12
Valet 10$.
21 & Over.

Pre- Sales can also be picked up at:
The Naughty rooster 1671 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139
305- 397- 8241 (11am-12am)
Beatnix 1149 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
305 532 8733 (11am-12am)


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